In December I went to the Iberostar Paraiso resort. Whenever I go on vacation, the food is the part that I look forward to the most. And vacationing to Mexico at least once a year, I've been able to try a lot of different foods at a lot of different resorts. I had high expectations for this resort. Iberostar is supposed to be so luxurious. But I can honestly say this resort had the worst food I've ever had on vacation. 

There was very little selection at the buffet, the food was cold, bland. And even at the specialty restaurants, the food wasn't anything great. Two restaurants out of all the many we had to choose from, were good: The Meditteranean and the Japanese. 

The Meditteranean was amazing! Their main attraction was lobster tail. *FAINTS* OH EM GEE. SO GOOD! We all ordered surf and turf, but I got turf and turf haha. But my favorite part was the buffet that was at the restaurant. You ate some of that food before your main course came. So it was like an appetizer buffet. But unlimited, and amazing. Tons of fried fish and oysters and breads...Oh yum....Our waiter that night was so fun too. He brought us these drinks, I believe they were called Rivera Mayas, they were cute, but not very tasty. I will put a pic of them down below.

The Japanese was yummy... It was like House of Kobe (I think, I've never been there) We were given sushi appetizers while our cook made everything on two giant grills in front of us. There was big chunks of green peppers and mushrooms and the meat was amazing! It was very fun. I was sad that night though, right before we went to dinner we found out about the Sandy Hook shootings. :(

Overall, the food was AWFUL. But those two nights of good food made me happy. I was upset I could never find good guacamole! That's my fave part of Mexican food! And the resort didn't have horchata either :( I didn't like the hotel for other reasons in addition to the food, but the food is one GIANT reason I will never go back there.

--The MC Foodie


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