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Stop 50 Wood Fired Pizzaria

So this place is lesser known probably because of its location. It's out in Michiana Shores, but very very easy to find, right off the highway. They only have one type of crust- thin Naples style, and as their name suggests, they fire the pizza in a 900 degree oven. Not all their pizzas have red sauce, ours for instance had an olive oil base.

When we arrived around 5, there was only one other table and we were told to seat ourselves. The place is REALLY small, I would guess around 15-17 tables. After we were seated, the hostess, who was very nice and informative, told us about all their seasonal specials. Then we were left to wait for our waiter, which we did A LOT. He came and in a barely audible tone asked is what we wanted to drink. Water. Took longer than it should have. We then ordered an appetizer, I forgot the name of it but it was basically fried bread strips with garlicy salt and cheese, with very spicy marinara dipping sauce that had a big glob of goat cheese in it. It was so hot! (Temperature wise) which is good. It was very big too. Perfect for two people. We ordered our pizza as soon as the appetizer came. It took about 15-20 minutes for it to come. More and more people were coming in by then, around 6 o'clock. Our pizza came, and our waiter dropped and ran. Some friends had asked me to bring a pizza to them to try, so I Needed to order it but since the waiter dropped and ran I had to flag him down. The waiter for the table next to us was awesome, attentive and was suggesting things, ours hardly talked. The pizza was hot, but I thought the crust was burnt and the bottom was soggy. The pizza wasn't very flavorful, it tasted like mushrooms and garlic mostly. It was all salty. It was still really good though. After three pieces I was stuffed, and still had to order dessert. There were 8 peices total, about enough for two people. Then it was lemon gelato for me, pistachio for my friend. I loved the gelato. Had to turn around and glare at the waiter for him to come and take our order. But-Loved loved loved the gelato. It was so flavorful! Came Quick, was my favorite part of the meal. Best three dollars ever spent. Speaking of money, that place is expensive for my taste! I like my Wana Pizza for 10.99, and this pizza was 15$ plus 3$ for the prosciutto. Then add appetizer, and dessert, plus tip, yikes. Good thing we split most of our food. 18 a piece, but I had to pay another 18 for my Togo pizza, making mine 36 before tip. But think, if you go with your family that includes kids and you order two pizzas and soft drinks and alcohol, woah.

I think it's a nice place, but just for every so often. I think it's perfect for a bridal or baby shower, small place and decent food.

All in all, our service wasn't great, but seeing the other waiter it could have been. It is a little pricy for pizza. I like the atmosphere.

Would I go back? Yes, but I would go to Gelsosomos for pizza first. If I went back, it would be for something different and not pizza.

3.5/5 stars

Til next time!

-the MC Foodie

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