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Bridges is kind of a little hidden away place! If you are on the boulevard,(Michgan blvd for all you out of towners) and you get to that intersection where you turn right to go to BlueChip or left for the beach, go straight and you end up in a little area that is lesser known. Turn right and you go straight to Bridges. The resturant has a companion motel B&B type place as well. They are not attached. When we arrived around 4 there was NO ONE else there. So our service was really quick. They serve their drinks in these cute little plastic cups. The whole eating area is picnic tables with umbrellas. There is a bar area with patio furniture. On the menu, it explains everything there is handmade so it asks you to be patient. It also tells the story of the resturant, something to the effect of a dad buying it, his kids humoring him and helping, then staying as it became more and more successful. But don't quote me on that. We ordered fried asparagus as an appetizer. Yes I said FRIED asparagus! It was so good! I loved the ranch like sauce that came with it. It was too hot to eat at first, the way I like it. It came in less than 10 minutes, maybe even 5. I ordered a turkey artichoke spinach sandwich with seasoned fries and that came in about 10-15 mins. It was very good! I loved the fries. And the sauce on the sandwich was sort of like spinach and artichoke dipping sauce. By this time, more people were coming in so the service slowed down. We were not asked about dessert. We ordered fried cookie dough. Can you believe it?! It was great! Came with ice cream and arrived in about 5-10 mins. After the appetizer and Entrée we split it which was perfect.

The resturant sits where trail creek starts. The bridge there moves and makes a VERY loud noise. So don't be alarmed when it does it happened 2-3 times when we were there for about an hour.

I paid 15$ for my meal +tip.

All in all, I love the place. I like the atmosphere and the food. You can even buy Tshirts in their little store. I love this place compared to Mateys.

Would I go again? Def yes. 4/5 stars.

-the mc foodie

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