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So Brewsters!

What's really unique about this resturant is that their menu changes EVERY DAY. So what you get might not be there the next time you go back. We chose to sit outside in the garden. It's a really pretty atmosphere and there's even heaters out there for cooler weather. I was attacked by flies but what could I expect? We arrived around I want to say 4 or 5 and there was no one else outside. Our waiter was ready for our order before we were ready to give it. Was quick to refill my water. You get bread while you are waiting and it comes with shredded cheese, tasted like asiago. And there is olive oil on the table. Very yummy. I ordered the beef tips and it came with soup or salad. Neither or the soups appealed to me so I got the salad which was really good, the house dressing was surprisingly flavorful. Kind of like a thicker creamy Italian zesty thing. I think the food came quick, but more and more people started to trickle in, slowing down our service. My beef tips came with asparagus and sweet and spicy peppers, Gorgonzola cheese, and filled pasta. I don't know what the pasta was filled with but it was sweet, but very very good. After the salad and bread, and knowing we were getting dessert, I could only eat half. We had to ask for the dessert menu. I got the New York style cheesecake with strawberries. So good! Really rich, as cheesecake should be. We had a coupon that was either 20% or 20 dollars off I don't remember. But that coupon included 18% gratuity. You had to order two dinner entrees to use to coupon. My friend got a pesto chicken ravioli dish, I thought it was good but salty. My friend also got tiramisu which was huge and AMAZING.

All in all, I love the place. It's more red sauce Italian than white sauce Italian lol. Like more lasagna that Alfredo. But good. I would definitely go back. But the place is expensive! It's a treat, even with a coupon. I especially like New Buffalo in general, I like the beach vibe and the resturant is right in the heart of downtown.

4/5 stars.


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